Trump Goes On Monday Twitter Rant, Mocks His Home State For Getting Hurt By Tax Law He Passed

Trump knows how awful he is.

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Donald Trump’s tax law that he signed back in 2017 has been detrimental to millions of families across the nation. Just recently, a Gold Star widow went public with her horrible experience under the new tax scam.

One of the biggest critics of Trump’s ridiculous tax law is his own home state of New York.

The legislation implemented by Trump and his administration puts a huge cap on the amount of state and local taxes — also referred to as SALT — that a taxpayer is able to deduct from their federal income tax payments, leaving many taxpayers with astronomically higher bills to the IRS. This especially affects blue states, like Trump’s old stomping grounds, because they have higher tax rates than their conservative counterparts.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has expressed his disdain for Trump’s tax law on more than one occasion and even went so far as to meet with White House officials at the beginning of the year in an attempt to open up a discussion on repealing the cap on deductions that are affecting his state so negatively.

“The elimination of the SALT deduction (state and local tax) was an economic attack on Democratic states,” Governor Cuomo wrote in February of this year. “I’m launching a nationwide campaign to repeal the SALT cap. It was a gross injustice, and the new Congress must make this one of their top priorities.”

While the New York Governor has been gunning hard to save the livelihood of his people, Donald Trump seems to only be responding by mocking his home state for allowing him to impose such cruel tax laws to begin with.

“People are fleeing New York State because of high taxes and yes, even oppression of sorts. They didn’t even put up a fight against SALT – could have won. So much litigation. The NRA should leave and fight from the outside of this very difficult to deal with (unfair) State!” Trump’s tweet read.

It appears that Donald is well aware that his tax laws are cruel and monumentally harmful to millions of people, including his own home state — he just doesn’t give a damn.

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