Body Language Expert Reveals Disturbing Information About Photo Of Trump And His Daughter During Over-Seas Trip

This is just sickening.

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We are all painfully aware that Donald Trump is a creepy motherf*ucker. He’s made that more than apparent with multiple comments ranging from nasty remarks at Miss America pageants to bragging about grabbing women by the genitals whenever he damn well pleases. But perhaps the creepiest and most uncomfortable is the way he acts around his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Donald has made an insane amount of inappropriate and downright stomach-turning comments about his own daughter, including calling her “voluptuous,” describing her as a “piece of ass,” and claiming that he’d most likely be dating her were she not his child — and that’s just the tip of the creepy iceberg.

Now that Ivanka is following her daddy around the world once again, it’s a perfect time to remind you of a photo from Trump’s recent state visit in the UK, that makes it clear that whatever is going on between Donald and his daughter is still in full swing.


While the Trump kids tagged along on their daddy’s excursion, Eric Trump tweeted photos of himself and his siblings as they toured through Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s bunker.

“Unbelievable tour of the Churchill War Rooms deep under the streets of London. Much of World War II was run from this very chair. Thank you to Prime Minister May for the wonderful tour and this incredible experience!” Eric tweeted about the tour.

Ivanka later retweeted one of the photos with the caption, “Visit to the Churchill War Rooms for a tour of the historic WWII war room bunker used by former Prime Minister Churchill and his cabinet.”

While most people were concerned about the fact that the Trump spawn was tagging along on the trip in the first place, body language expert Dr. Jack Brown found an even bigger, far more disturbing issue.

Take a look for yourself:

Look, we know Ivanka is human garbage just like the rest of her family. But I just can’t help feeling sorry and concerned for her. There’s no telling what fresh hell she’s subjected to at the hands of her father.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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