French President Responds To Ivanka’s Role In G20 Summit, Throws The Perfect Amount Of Shade

Sorry, not sorry.

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Donald Trump’s eldest and clearly most favorite daughter Ivanka Trump has been on the receiving end of quite a bit of hell over the last few days. Because, once again, daddy’s little princess has ridden his coattails halfway around the world and inserted her spoiled little self somewhere she had absolutely no business being — ultimately embarrassing our country even further.

Ivanka’s latest daddy-daughter date went down at the recent G20 Summit in Japan, where she attempted to take on the role of Donald’s vice president and delivered a speech to a room full of world leaders. While the fact that she was addressing a crowd at all was uncomfortable and nonsensical enough, the most awkward and pathetic part came after she wrapped up her address and attempted to mingle with the crowd — where she was ultimately shunned by the real world leaders and left desperately attempting to interject herself into their conversation where she was clearly unwanted.

Footage of Ivanka’s embarrassing encounter, first released by the French Presidential palace, has effectively gone viral, with all of America having yet another laugh at the expense of a Trump. Since then, President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron’s office has addressed the clip that has everyone cringing at the eldest Trump daughter.


The French presidential palace’s statement pointed out that it is not unusual for them to release different clips that showcase individual moments during international summits. As explained by a French official the particular moment in this video “took place in the leaders’ lounge right before the sessions on gender equality of which Ivanka was one of the keynote speakers, so it wasn’t anything more than a moment of exchange like there were 100 more [of] with other leaders.”

But that wasn’t all they had to say. The French official added that Macron’s office realizes that this particular video was released amid “a larger narrative in the U.S. about Ivanka’s diplomatic role and that goes beyond us, of course.”

The statement cut short of any intimate details, but obviously referenced the public outrage that surrounds Ivanka’s unearned and unwarranted presences around world leaders. “We didn’t anticipate the reaction, and once again, we are not responsible for the use made of the clip,” the statement concluded.

Basically, Ivanka, the French are sorry that their video hurt your poor little feelings. However, had you kept your uneducated ass at home where you should’ve been, it never would’ve been a problem to start with.

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