Trump’s Secretary Of State Busted Using Secret Service To Run Errands For Him

This is disgusting.

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Donald Trump’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has been up to the same dirty tricks that the rest of the Cabinet members who have come and go since January 2017 all got used to under the Grifter-in-Chief: They’ve got holes in their ethics big enough to fly first class through, and they are NOT afraid to waste your money.

One thing that people seem to forget is that all of these assholes who are used to ripping off taxpayers didn’t just walk in off the street and apply for jobs in the Trump administration. Each and every single one who’s been busted illegally accessing money, services, or other perks was originally an elected politician — Tom Price, Trump’s disgraced former Secretary of Health and Human Services, was elected to the state legislature in Georgia more than 20 years ago, and spent more than a decade in the US House as well; Ryan Zinke, the Secretary of the Interior who left under a shroud of guilt and dogged by more than a dozen investigations, was Montana’s one House member for a few years; even Scott Pruitt — whose grift was legendary — was a state lawmaker before he was elected Attorney General of Oklahoma.

In fact, the one government grifter under Trump who hasn’t been booted or resigned in disgrace despite public knowledge that he bought inappropriate things on the taxpayer dime is Ben Carson, who has never been elected to anything in his life (and therefore probably didn’t know he could steal a LOT more before anyone cared).


But it bears saying that Mike Pompeo, before the State Department, before the CIA, represented Kansas in DC in the US House, and so maybe he’s just more practiced at it. Now he’s been caught, though, according to a report today from CNN, and the details would be hilarious if they weren’t so frustrating as a taxpayer — and didn’t make me so angry on behalf of the employees he took advantage of.

A whistleblower told CNN that secret service agents had told them they felt like “UberEats with guns” after being made to go pick up Chinese food, collect Pompeo’s dog from the groomer, and even give Pompeo’s adult son a ride home from the train station, all without the Secretary himself anywhere near or in any way involved. Agents often do grab food and run light errands — with the person they’re assigned to protect. The only way, in the past, you might find protection detail agents doing tasks for a protectee without that person present, is if there were some emergency or threat that affected the person in their charge.

Will Pompeo be subjected to scrutiny? Democrats have already opened an investigation. Let’s just hope the follow through.

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