Veterans Just Ruined Trump’s Fourth Of July Debacle, POTUS Will Be Furious

Prepare for a massive Trump hissy fit.

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As we’re all painfully aware, Donald Trump is gearing up for a massive Fourth of July celebration in Washington this week that’s meant to celebrate nothing but, well, him.

He’s already planning to block off a good portion of the Lincoln Memorial as a “VIP” section for his closest friends and family, he’s demanding that tanks and fighter jets be brought in for the party despite the costs or damages they could cause, and he gives absolutely zero fucks about the fact that his ordeal is going to effectively block DC’s fireworks show for a good portion of the city.

Basically, it’s just one big celebration of Donald J. Trump’s over-inflated ego.


But, if there’s one person Donald hates as much as he loves himself, it’s the late Senator John McCain. Even after his death, Trump relentlessly bullies the man, having gone so far as to force officials to hide a warship bearing the senator’s name during a recent trip to Japan and publicly saying that he’s glad the man is dead, and hopefully in hell, at a speaking engagement not too long ago.

Thank to Donald’s blatant disdain for the man that gave a thumbs down to his shitty healthcare reform bill, a group of veterans had the most delicious idea for Trump’s Fourth of July shindig — VoteVets, a liberal non-profit group founded by Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, will be passing out thousands of USS John S. McCain T-shirts at his party. They hope to force the president to face throngs of people honoring McCain and the idea of putting one’s country before themselves.

“Today, we learned the news that Donald Trump is turning the national 4th of July celebration into a 2020 campaign event, complete with a ticketed VIP section for friends and supporters,” an email from VetoVets read. “That’s not what America is about.”

The shirt design, via Rags of Honor’s website, bears the name of the warship that Trump attempted to have hidden:

VoteVets vice chair and Navy veteran Peter Kauffmann said, “It’s really a way to honor a family that, through multiple generations, has shown that the country is bigger than any one individual. July 4 has never been about who is president. The idea that Donald Trump can come in and sell VIP tickets so you can get good seats while the regular old people have to stay back from the area is antithetical to the whole idea of America.”

We can just imagine the fit that Trumpster will throw over this one.

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