Trump’s New Press Secretary Says Briefings Aren’t Necessary Since Her Boss Is “Accessible”

Another Trump official doesn't want to do their job? Surprise, surprise.

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If you were hoping that Trump’s newest press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, who also serves as Melania Trump’s spokeswoman, was going to be any better at this gig than the clusterfuck that was Sarah Huckabee Sanders — well, I am sorry to be the one to disappoint you.

We’re all well aware that Sarah Sanders wasn’t fond of doing anything that was listed in her job description — including briefings. The only thing that Sanders was really interested in doing at all was the occasional appearance on Trump’s state TV network, Fox News, where she knew that no one would dare to challenge or criticize the bullshit that came out of her mouth.

For God’s sake, the woman neglected her duties for so long that her lectern actually accumulated a layer of dust due to her abandonment of press briefings.


Trump’s replacement for Sanders recently sat down for her first TV interview since nabbing the position and spoke with Sinclair Broadcasting’s Eric Bolling who questioned whether she would be reinstating the customary press briefings that her predecessor had renounced.

“We’re going to talk about it. That’ll be ultimately up to the president,” Grisham replied.

“The president also — he’s so accessible, so right now I think that’s good enough,” the new press secretary went on to add.

Back in June, the New York Times reported that White House officials were floating the idea of re-establishing the deserted daily press briefings after Sanders’ resignation earlier this year. However, considering Grisham’s past transgressions including more than one charge of driving under the influence, it’s really no wonder she’s not chomping at the bit to face the press (who already doesn’t have a whole lot of love for Donald Trump and his administration), as we’re sure she knows good and well they’ll be grilling her until she’s well-done.

And quite frankly, I’d like to see that.

You can watch the full interview here.

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