Americans Appalled As Uncovered Reports Reveal New Press Secretary Is A Drunk Driver

She's just as bad as the last one!

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As we all know, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is on her way out of the White House. No love lost, really. Considering the woman never did her job and refused to take part in any speaking engagements that weren’t from the safety of Fox News, where she could lie freely and without reparations. But the excitement of another Trump officials going down in shame was short-lived, as now Sanders has been replaced with someone that may be even worse.

This afternoon, Melania took to her Twitter account to announce that her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, would be replacing the departing press secretary/communications director. Which makes sense, considering we highly doubt anyone that’s not already wrapped up in that shit storm of an administration was chomping at the bit for the position.

Of course, both Melania and outgoing press secretary Sanders have proclaimed their praises for the incoming replacement. With Melania stating that she “can think of no better person to serve the Administration and our country.”


While Sanders claimed that she is “proud to have another mom and a great friend in this role.”

However, Americans are not out of the woods as recently uncovered reports have revealed that Grisham certainly isn’t an upstanding citizen.

Grisham was formerly involved in Republican Arizona politics and according to an article from the Washington Post, Grisham has been on the receiving end of two charges of driving under the influence, once in 2013 and again in 2015.

Grisham paid all associated fines and did disclose both charges to the White House during the transition. But it speaks volumes for the standard that are implemented within this administration. Evidently, they’re struggling to find people that will work with them so badly that they’re willing to hire people with serious charges against them. It’s pretty safe to assume that this press secretary won’t be much better than the last.

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