Sarah Sanders Continues To Hide From The Media As Her Lectern In Press Room Literally Collects Dust

People ask her hard questions when she's behind the lectern.

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For someone with the job title of White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders avoids the press like the plague. In fact, the Trump White House and Sanders, in particular, have practically done away with press briefings altogether, and have a record low of traditional daily press briefings. Everyone in the Trump administration knows that the press is going to absolutely annihilate them, and rightly so. So it seems their tactic is just avoidance at all costs — so much so that Sarah’s lectern where she should be delivering press conferences every day is actually, literally gathering a thick layer of dust.

As of now, it’s been 67 days since Sarah has held a briefing, despite the fact that it’s her job. And that was little more than an evasive and ultimately useless attempt. The only “press conference” she’s been willing to even show her face at was a mock briefing to a room full of children — and even that she tried to keep off the record.

Since her last legitimate briefing on March 11th, tons of things have happened that deserve some answers — the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation report, Trump’s instigation of an all-out trade war, and the impending threat of a real war with Iran are just a few. But nonetheless, Sanders has effectively skirted her duty that’s she’s paid for by the American taxpayers.


Chances are we shouldn’t be expecting any press briefings any time soon either. After Sarah was outed in the Mueller Report having admitted to lying to the press during briefings, she attempted to purge the White House press staff of anyone she thought would challenge her. That ultimately left very little press to even report to.

Reporters in the briefing room noticed that Sarah’s lectern has been so neglected and unused that it was gathering so much dust, staffers had to come in and wipe it down.

It’s unsurprising, considering Sarah tends to stay on home base and only give interviews from the comfort of her safe space, Fox News, instead of standing behind the lectern like she’s paid to do.

We’d venture to say they can just go ahead and throw that thing in storage until we have a president and administration that will actually do their jobs.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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