Sarah Sanders Will Finally Do Her Job After Two Months Of No Press Briefings, But Will Only Take Questions From Kids

She can't handle the adult questions.

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After the heat of being nailed as a big fat liar in the Mueller report, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has kept her ass out of the kitchen recently. In fact, she hasn’t held a legitimate press briefing since February. Now it seems that she’s stepping back into the ring, but it’s under some pretty hilarious conditions.

Sanders is scheduled to take live questions in the White House briefing room today for the first time in months. But there’s a huge catch to her appearance — she will only be taking questions from children. Actually, the children of the reporters, but no questions from the actual reporters themselves.

AFP White House correspondent Sebastian Smith has stated that the press briefing with the children of reporters is part of the White House’s “bring your kids to work” event. But it’s impossible to ignore the blatant benefits for Sarah — she’ll be “briefing” a room full of people that have only recently learned to tie their own shoes, so there’s a damn good chance that none of them have read the 400+ pages of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s hacking of our 2016 election — the very same report that proves Sanders is nothing more than a big bag of lies and disappointment.


Smith tweeted a photo of the White House briefing room full of children with the caption, “Latest in the weird White House /media relationship: Briefing room filling up for a briefing by ⁦@PressSec⁩ Sarah Sanders who almost never gives briefings. Only problem? It’s a fake briefing held off the record for children on ‘bring your kids to work day’.”

Let’s just hope that a few of those parents gave their kiddos a handful of “ideas” for questions.

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