Trump’s “Never Forget” 9/11 Tweet Angers Social Media Users: “You Forgot Long Enough To Invite The Taliban Over”

We won't forget how sh*tty you are, either.

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Donald Trump has effectively made a complete ass out of himself on the 18th anniversary of one of this nation’s greatest tragedies — the 9/11 attack.

Trump has never displayed even a shred of respect or common decency surrounding the catastrophe but he’s only served to make matters that much worse since he weaseled his way into the presidency thanks in huge part to the Russian government and ol’ Vladimir Putin himself.

Donald’s minions like “Moscow” Mitch McConnell have fought tooth and nail to pull funding from surviving victims of the attack, he’s made countless distasteful and downright disrespectful jokes, acted like a fidgety 2-year-old during the White House’s moment of silence this morning, gave a commemoration speech at the Pentagon that was nothing more than a self-promotional rally in disguise, repeatedly lied about his participation in Ground Zero clean up, and let’s not forget the secret meeting with Taliban members that Trump put together, canceled, and announced via his Twitter account.


And now to top it all off, he took to his Twitter account this morning to tweet out a photo of himself and First Lady Melania to commemorate the anniversary of the attack (after he made sure to have a Twitter tantrum over China, the trade war, and Hillary Clinton first) that just ended up infuriating most everyone on social media.

In the photograph, Donald and Melania can be seen solemnly standing with their backs to the camera, featuring the words “We Will Never Forget” across the top.

But in the wake of Donald’s revelation about a meeting with top Taliban members just days before the anniversary date came around, people were far from impressed with his little picture:

Your obligatory tweets won’t get you far, Donnie.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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