NBC Report Claims Pence And Trump Got Into It Over Holding Taliban Meeting At Camp David

Donnie is not going to be happy about this!

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If Trump’s recent hairbrained scheme to meet with members of the Taliban at Camp David mere days before the nation’s anniversary of 9/11 happened to be one of his “loyalty tests” for his Vice President Mike Pence — well, Pence failed.

Trump announced on Twitter over the weekend that he had made plans to meet with major Taliban members as well as the president of Afghanistan on Sunday, but abruptly canceled the secret meeting as well as any potential peace negotiations after they admitted to an attack that killed 12 people.


The whole ordeal is just a… mess. One of those things that’s just so mind-boggling, so downright stupid that it makes your eyeballs do that weird twitchy thing — which honestly happens a lot when we’re talking about Donald Trump’s tweets.

But according to a new report from NBC, the American public aren’t the only ones that found Trump’s secret Taliban meeting to be a really bad idea.

Evidently, VP Pence (Who’s already on some very thin ice with the president) teamed up with national security adviser John Bolton to convince Donald that a meeting with the Taliban so close to the anniversary of 9/11 was a really… really bad idea — to, of course, no avail.

“The idea raised Sept. 1 during a Situation Room meeting with the president was vehemently opposed by national security adviser John Bolton, even as officials at the State Department argued it could move the parties closer to an agreement, officials said,” the report stated.

MSNBC added, “Bolton had an ally in Vice President Mike Pence, who also made the case against a meeting at Camp David, a location Trump suggested, officials said. Bolton and Pence were in Warsaw together around the time of the internal discussions.”

It’s a pretty bad sign when even your own ass-kissing VP is telling you how big a fucking idiot you are.

You can read the full report here.

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