Trump Appears Antsy During Moment Of Silence For Victim Of 9/11: “He Can’t Stand Still For One Second”

He is so disrespectful!

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As we’re all painfully aware, today marks the 18th anniversary of one of this nation’s most heartwrenching tragedies — where 2,997 people lost their lives as a result of the 9/11 attack.

While millions in this country continue to mourn the loss of their loved ones and attempt to heal from the catastrophe, it seems that Donald Trump can’t even muster up enough respect surrounding the situation to make himself even appear to be a fraction of a decent human being.

You can start with the fact that, for the last several months, many of his minions such as “Moscow” Mitch McConnell have been fighting tooth and nail to pull funding from the 9/11 victims.


Then we can talk about all the disgusting jokes he’s made and disrespectful behavior he’s displayed surrounding the devastating tragedy — such as making public quips about stages falling on survivors, bragging about his building being the tallest in New York after the destruction of the Twin Towers, and fist-pumping his way into a memorial service for the lives lost.

And lest we forget: He literally had secret plans (though they ended up falling through but that didn’t stop him from announcing it on Twitter, nonetheless) to meet with Taliban members mere days before the anniversary.

And now that the anniversary is here, Trump is no more respectful to the tragedy than before.

Today, the White House observed a moment of silence in respect for the lives lost 18 years ago — and throughout the entire thing, Trump couldn’t even bear to hold his ass still.

As all of those around him stood in solemn remembrance, Donald fidgeted like a crack head:

Unsurprisingly so, Twitter users had plenty to say on the matter:

I can’t say with certainty whether his inability to just fucking stand still for two minutes stems from a deep-seated disrespect, a quickly-worsening case of Dementia, or serious drug issue. But whatever the reason may be, it’s clear that Donald Trump doesn’t have even a moment’s earnest compassion for this nation’s biggest heartbreak.

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