Trump Fist Pumps His Way Into Memorial Service For 9/11 Victims

This is absolutely horrifying.

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It’s no wonder that Donald Trump saw no problem whatsoever with inviting members of the Taliban to Camp David as the 9/11 anniversary quickly approached — he’s never held the day in any kind of properly solemn regard, even on the original day.

In fact, one wonders if this year will look anything like last year.

That morning, Donald Trump flew with First Lady Melania Trump into Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where they were expected to attend a memorial for the victims of Flight 93, the fabled and fateful flight that was hijacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001, intended to be used to strike the US Capitol Building like a missile.


The passengers on that airplane displayed such selflessness and heroism that innumerable memorials and monuments have been erected in their memory, movies made, songs written, and their acts immortalized. All things that Donald Trump would really like to happen for him.

We suppose that’s why, when he landed in Pennsylvania looking like a completely disrespectful, insensitive jerk, America was so rightly pissed off.

Image credit: Doug Mills

That photo appeared on Twitter early this morning just as the President’s flight touched down and they disembarked. Reactions were not good:

The President of the United States walking toward a service commemorating the deaths of heroic Americans who gave their lives directly in order to save more lives than were on their plane, and his natural inclination is to fist-pump like he’s on his way down the aisle at another professional wrestling main event.

It’s disgusting and frankly, it is disturbing.

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