Trump Campaign Manager Admits That POTUS Wants His Family To Rule America For Decades

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It’s certainly no secret that Donald Trump has absolutely no desire to let go of the presidency even when his time is legally up. The man has, on more than one occasion, made it very clear that he’ll be staying even past 2024 if he can get away with it.

But it seems he has quite the backup plan should the American public finally kick him out of the White House and into a prison cell where he belongs: Pass the torch to his shit-brained, spoiled-ass, waste of a good trust fund children.

And Trump’s very own campaign manager, Brad Parscale blatantly admitted as much in a recent speech.


According to a report from the AP:

“Speaking to a convention of Republican Party delegates in Indian Wells, California, Brad Parscale also said the campaign’s goal is to build a national army of 2 million trained volunteers, far beyond the president’s 2016 organization, that in California could help the GOP retake a string of U.S. House seats captured by Democrats last year.

‘The Trumps will be a dynasty that will last for decades, propelling the Republican Party into a new party,’ he said. ‘One that will adapt to changing cultures. One must continue to adapt while keeping the conservative values that we believe in.’

Parscale later declined to elaborate on his prediction of a coming Trump ‘dynasty,’ or whether the president’s children could become candidates for public office.”

Of course, this isn’t even a surprise at this point. Rumors have swirled of an eventual Don Jr. ticket for quite some time now, and Trump himself has been eager to portray himself and his family as some sort of royal family — even having the gall to refer to his mail-order wife, Melania as today’s Jackie O.

He wants to ensure that when he inevitably gets shamed out of government he has plenty of little sycophantic minions to fill his place. No wonder he’s so smitten with Kim Jong-Un.

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