Twitter Responds To Trump After He Posts Video Suggesting He’ll Never Leave Presidency

This is bad.

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Donald Trump likes to think of himself as more of a dictator than a president. Unfortunately for us, he acts like one, as well. And even more so unfortunate for us is the fact that he seems to be getting away with it completely unchecked. Let’s face it, lately, Republicans and Democrats alike have really dropped the ball.

One of Trump’s favorite autocratic ideas is that of a virtually unlimited presidential term. If he had it his way, he’d never pass the torch. Given that he’s not yet gotten even one full term under his belt and impeachment proceedings don’t seem to be getting any closer, if the American voters don’t get their heads out of their asses, another 4-year term out of Donald Trump isn’t completely out of the question — as absolutely terrifying as that thought may be.

But Trump himself, on more than one occasion, has very publicly made it strikingly clear that he doesn’t think another 4-year term is enough. According to him, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation robbed him of a good portion of his presidency that he should get to do over — which is especially and sickeningly ironic, considering a “do-over” is all he seems to claim the Democrats want.


However, after Donald posted what appears to be a mix between a campaign video and a promotion for his Time Magazine interview to his Twitter account, it’s not looking like he has any intentions of stopping after another term, or even after his 2-year “do-over.”

The video zooms in on a long line of Trump campaign signs, beginning with “TRUMP 2024.” As the video plays, each sign features the next election year, almost infinitely, with a solemn-looking Donald Trump standing in the background — indicating that he may be planning to stick around forever.

It was no surprise that Twitter wanted absolutely no part of that bullshit:

While we’re sure red hat MAGAs will be screaming from the rooftops, “It’s a joke!” We don’t find it funny. Garbage like this coming directly from Trump is even more terrifying and pertinent given that impeachment is now on the table.

There’s a dan good chance they’ll be dragging him out by his hair when this is all said and done.

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