Trump Seems To Briefly Forget Barron Is His Kid During Briefing With Melania, Tells Reporters “She’s Got A Son”

Maybe he doesn't belong to him?

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Either Trump’s mental health is taking a serious nose dive in the worst kind of way, or the man is far more butthurt over his son Barron being taller than him than we realized. Because today, the man seemed to forget that the boy was even his son.

After spending his morning making a complete mockery out of one of this nation’s most heartbreaking anniversaries — that of the 9/11 attack 18 years ago — Trump sat down to discuss a few things in the Oval Office — one of which was the recent uptick in vaping and vaping-related deaths and injuries in the country.

In the process of speaking with the gathering of reporters, Donald attempted to use his youngest child, son Barron Trump, as an excuse for why his wife Melania is sticking her nose in the middle of the vaping business these days. But in doing so, it seems he forgot that he’s supposed to actually like his own son — or at the very least, claim him.


“We can’t have our youth be so affected,” Trump stated regarding the increase in individuals that are choosing to vape and the subsequent resulting injuries and deaths. “People are dying with vaping, so we’re looking at it very closely.”

Trump then attempted to explain that the First Lady has become so personally invested in the issue because “she’s got a son.”

Evidently he forgot there for a moment that Melania does, in fact, have a son… With him.

He doubled back and attempted to correct himself by quickly adding “together” in the middle of his sentence, no doubt in hopes that people just wouldn’t notice.

“That’s how the First Lady got involved,” Trump explained. “She’s got a son — together — that’s a beautiful young man, & she feels very very strongly about it.”

But that did absolutely nothing to stop everyone on Twitter from noticing his gaffe:

Of course, Barron is missing some of the key body parts that make Ivanka so memorable to her dad. So, you can understand where some of the confusion is coming from.

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