Trump Tweeted Campaign Video Featuring White Supremacist Logo

The longer you watch, the worse it gets.

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Donald Trump is now in full-force 2020 campaign mode. And considering things aren’t looking the best for him — he’s coming up short in pretty much every poll and even his own base is beginning to turn on him, as he’s not following through with his 2016 campaign promises — he’s beginning to get pretty damn desperate for something that will get the public’s attention in hopes that it will ultimately push him to the top.

It’s already been reported that he’s so desperate to get his wall up that he’s encouraging his aides to break the law and promising pardons for their transgressions. And now his Twitter feed is filling up with 2020 campaign ads.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted out a video in which he highlighted all of his alleged successes during his time thus far as president and Twitter users were quick to notice an extremely awkward portion of the video in which Trump’s “successful” economy rates were displayed over the image of a bull with rather large, swinging testicles — and it seems that folks were so distracted and disgusted by the genitalia that they missed something even worse. Until now.


As we’ve already mentioned, Trump is floundering in the polls, and what better way for him to strengthen his position with his base than to show his support for the racists? And that’s exactly what he did.

At the very end of the video tweeted out by the president is a logo known for its connections to white supremacists.

One of the first to notice and point out the emblem was Former Snopes Managing Editor Brooke Binkowski who tracked down an archived (and now deleted) tweet by white nationalist and anti-immigration group, VDARE that featured the same lions head logo that was in the clip shared by Trump.

Mediate did even deeper digging and tracked the image back to a self-described Dutch white nationalist who Trump once personally thanked for his support as well as connections to the fascist group, Lion Guard.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had plenty to say:

As if the bull’s balls weren’t bad enough.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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