Trump Plans To Fly Airplanes With Campaigns Ads Over Beachgoers On Labor Day

So, he's going to ruin their holiday in an attempt to get votes?!

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Folks, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — Donald Trump is shaking in his tiny little high-heeled boots when it comes to the 2020 presidential election. Despite his constant, arrogant rhetoric in public, the man knows that he’s absolutely floundering in the polls. Everyone hates him. And it’s damn sure not for no reason either.

So to say the least, he’s been scrambling around trying to come up with anything at all that he thinks may help him secure another four years of torturing this country — because even Russia can only do so much.

He’s already gone off on his typical Twitter rants against everyone but God (and we’re sure he’s on the list) and he’s got his son Don Jr. campaigning for his sycophant Matt Bevin in Kentucky today. But evidently, that’s just not enough. He wants to make sure that he completely ruins the last shred of enjoyment that Americans have left.


Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching and instead of allowing the public the tiniest of reprieves from his bullshit by spending the day at the beach with their family, friends, or a good book, Donald is going to bombard them with airplanes, complete with campaign banners.

Per a report from the Wall Street Journal:

On Labor Day, President Trump’s re-election campaign plans to fly banners urging beachgoers in cities that largely went blue in 2016 to add their phone numbers to the list of supporters the campaign has been cultivating. That list already has contact information for more than 33 million voters or about half of the number of Americans who voted for Mr. Trump in 2016, and campaign manager Brad Parscale expects to have at least 50 million by Election Day.

The campaign is spending around $20,000 on the banners, which will run in Milwaukee, Wis., Erie, Pa., Cleveland, Virginia Beach, Va., Detroit, and Fort Lauderdale and South Beach, Fla.”

Go ahead and fly those airplanes straight up your ass, Trump.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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