Trump Appeared To Have Difficulty Giving Speech About Space Force, Twitter Users React: “Extremely Disturbing To Watch”

He looks like he's about to collapse!

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The state of Donald Trump’s mental health has been a cause for concern for Americans and people around the world alike for quite some time now. Every day it seems like he pulls something crazier, more hairbrained, and more nonsensical than the last.

His Twitter feed alone is deserving of several 72 hour holds. But perhaps the biggest indicators that Trump’s got something bad wrong going on are his speeches — which continue to get more and more bizarre.

Today, Donald delivered a speech from the White House Rose Garden to commemorate the launching of his U.S. Space Command — another step in his ultimate plan for the US to have a “space force” — though, let’s be honest, if there are aliens, they’re locking their damn doors when they pass by the Earth.


“The dangers to our country constantly evolve and so must we. Now, those who wish to harm the United States, to seek to challenge us in the ultimately high ground of space — it’s going to be a whole different ballgame,” POTUS stated in his address.

“The establishment of the 11th combatant command is a landmark moment. This is landmark day, one that recognizes the centrality of space to America’s national security and defense,” he continued.

And while the actual wording in the speech certainly wasn’t as ridiculous as we’ve heard in the past, the delivery certainly was.

I’m not sure if Donald took the wrong pill this morning or what’s going on with him, but where his speeches are generally erratic, full of fast-paced babble and dozens of mispronunciations, this one was eerily slow as Trump spoke extremely deliberately — ultimately appearing as though he was having quite a bit of trouble.

Vox’s Aaron Rupar solidified the point by tweeting a video of a Trump speech from four years ago for comparison:

Twitter had some thoughts:

At some point, enough has to be enough. It’s funny to watch. But there’s something seriously wrong with the man.

Featured image via screen capture

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