Turnout For Don. Jr Event Was So Low That Guests Were Reportedly Asked To Huddle Around The Stage

Well, that must be embarrassing.

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The 2020 election season is beginning to sneak up on everyone and the entire Trump administration, as well as the family, are starting to see that things aren’t really looking all that great — not just for Trump himself, but for many of the minions he’s filled the government with. As a result, everyone is starting to scramble in every which direction in an attempt to secure 2020 for Donald and his sycophantic cabinet. Because they all know, without the right leeches in the right places in government, even if he nabs 2020, Trump’s presidency is useless.

So, Don Trump Jr. found himself in Lousiville, Ky today where he attempted to campaign for Kentucky governor Matt Bevin’s reelection, whose ass-kissing for POTUS goes so far that he actually wore a blazer covered in Donald’s face to the recent state fair. But let’s just say, it didn’t go well.

Evidently, turnout to the event was so staggeringly poor that the few guests who did show up were asked to leave their seats and instead huddle around the stage area to give the appearance of a large crowd.


However, Jr. and his crew can play dirty all they’d like — pictures don’t lie. And the statehouse reporter for Kentucky Public Radio, Ryland Barton blessed us all with a photo showing just how desolate the shindig really was.

“Organizers have asked the audience to move out of the seats and closer to the stage ahead of Trump Jr/ Gov. Bevin event in Pikeville,” Barton’s Twitter caption read. “I think it’s fair to say this is sparsely attended.”

It appears that Don Jr.’s smug mug didn’t have quite the effect he was hoping for, after all.

It is worth noting that Bevin currently holds the title of the most hated governor in all of the nation. Despite Kentucky’s deep-red affiliation, his approval ratings are still at a staggeringly low 32 percent while his disproval is sitting at 56 percent.

And let me tell y’all, I LIVE in Kentucky. Bevin is just as bad as he seems. Worse.

Featured image via Twitter

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