Trump Tweeted Video Showing Bull With Swinging Male Body Part, Social Media Responds

Someone is a little envious of the bull.

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Y’all, Donald Trump does a lot of weird shit. Like, a lot.

He does so much weird shit that most of the time we don’t even really notice anymore. You just kind of shrug your shoulders and think to yourself, “Oh. So that’s what he’s doing today. Okay.” And then you drown your sorrows in some $5.99 mocha frappé nonsense and say a little prayer to whatever God is taking requests that day that November of next year will finally offer us all some relief before we actually lose our whole ass minds.

But sometimes, even in the midst of all of his typical hairbrained, half-baked bullshit that has become little more than just “life” these days, the man still manages to do something that makes your eyeball do that weird twitchy thing for a few minutes.


Something like posting a video to his trusty Twitter account that features a big ol’ bull, complete with swinging testicles.

I’m going to give you just a moment to digest what you just read. Go ahead. Go read it again. I know you’re gonna. But no, you didn’t read it wrong. It does say bull testicles.

Donnie was big mad all over Twitter about everything from Puerto Rico costing him too much money to his once esteemed Fox News being nothing more than a much of doodie heads. In one of his rage tweets was a video in which Donald attempts to brag about all of his “accomplishments” during his presidency — things like the supposed lower unemployment rates, lower crime rates, more judges, and so on and so forth.

But many Twitter users were quick to notice the peculiar addition of rather large, swinging bull genitalia during the portion about the economy and oooooohhhhhh boooooooyyyyy, did they have thoughts:

Post all the videos you want, Trump. Yours will never be that big.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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