Trump Takes A Break From Golfing To Go After Former Intelligence Officials, Calls Them “Dumb”

He ALWAYS has time for Twitter.

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Despite the fact that there’s a hurricane headed towards our southeastern coast as we speak, Donald Trump is not convening with experts and professionals at Camp David all weekend like he told reporters he would be before his departure. He is instead living it up for the 294th day of his presidency at one of his own properties, this time in Sterling, VA, playing himself a round of golf on his own golf course for the 226th day — probably in an attempt to drown his sorrows over the fact that the catastrophic storm is now set to miss Peurto Rico and seems to be headed straight towards his very own Mar-A-Lago.

Basically, he didn’t have time for his NATO visit to Poland, and he didn’t have time to actually monitor the category four storm headed towards the country because he didn’t want to interrupt his golf game. However, while two different countries got put on Donald’s back burner, it seemed that he did have plenty of time to squeeze himself in a Twitter fit between rounds — this time to launch an attack against former intelligence officials.

“Being scolded by failed former ‘Intelligence’ officials, like James Clapper, on my condolences to Iran on their failed Rocket launch. Sadly for the United States, guys like him, Comey, and the even dumber John Brennan, don’t have a clue. They really set our Country back,” the first installment of Trump’s tweet read. He followed that up with, “but now we are moving forward like never before. We are winning again, and we are respected again!”


Now, these former intelligence officials that Donald is so butthurt towards currently, “scolded” him not because he gave condolences to Iran, but because he tweeted a sensitive photograph in which you could literally damn near see license places — which screams national security breach to even the dimmest of dimwits.

But, of course, Donald likes to be able to show off all the stuff he believes he’s allowed to do. And evidently, saying a single cross word about it makes him mad enough to tweet from his golf cart.

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