Trump Is Seen Heading To Golf Course After Canceling Poland Trip Because Of Hurricane Dorian

Surprise, surprise!

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As we speak, Hurricane Dorian is headed towards the southeast coastline — sure to leave no shortage of devastation in its path.

So far, Donald has done what he always does when things like this happen — made a big hoopla over it on social media, bitching about the mere thought of sending emergency funding to Puerto Rico (because in his mind, being brown makes them not really part of America), and acting as though he might maybe do something that’s actually presidential.

When speaking to reporters on the White House lawn before heading out to Camp David yesterday, Trump spoke as though we would be spending the entire weekend at the country retreat flanked by professionals and experts as they all monitored the development of the now category four storm.


According to POTUS, he would be returning to Washington tomorrow and heading straight to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for a briefing.

However, Donald is not currently poring over storm development with experts and professionals as he said he would. He’s golfing.

Specifically, he’s golfing at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA.

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin reported, “According to the pool report, Trump has arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA. This is Trump’s 226th day at a Trump golf club and 294th day at a Trump property as president.”

Now, mind you, Donald actually canceled a scheduled visit to Poland, supposedly so he could stay in the states and monitor the catastrophic storm. However, unsurprisingly so, the only thing he’s monitoring is his lackluster golf skills. So, ultimately, it looks like he skipped out on the trip for nothing more than yet another mini-vacation on his own damn property.

And Twitter seems to agree with that assessment:

The worst part of it all? There are still people out there that believe his bullshit.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery

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