Trump Supporter Attacks Joe Biden In Iowa, Calls Him “Sleepy Joe” To His Face, Biden’s Response Is Pure Gold

We bet he regrets that decision!

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Donald Trump, regardless of his regular rhetoric, is shaking in his boots when it comes to the plethora of Democratic candidates that he’s up against for the 2020 election. But it seems one of his biggest fears is none other than former Vice President Joe Biden. We’re not sure if this extra level of deep-seated loathing comes from the fact that Biden is connected to Obama, who Trump absolutely despises with every ounce of his being, or if it’s coming from a place of fear that Biden can actually beat him, considering recent polls are leaning far more in Joe’s favor than Donald’s — but we’re going to guess it’s a heady combination of both, leaving Trump a distraught mess.

But of course, Donald Trump detesting the Democratic 2020 hopeful means that all of his brainwashed supporters blindly do the same.

Biden was just in Iowa for an Independence Day parade where one of Trump’s supporters thought that they would be slick and confront Biden during the festivities, referring to his as “Sleepy Joe” — one of Donald’s most favorite insults against the former VP. But Biden quickly and eloquently put that MAGA right in his place when, instead of returning the hateful jab, asked the man to run alongside him.


“Come run with me!” Biden responded to the Trump supporter — offering up dignity, respect, and an opportunity for growth and education rather than just spewing more hatred. Of course, the MAGA man declined, but Joe’s actions speak loudly for not only his maturity in the situation but for his stamina, as well.

Trump loves to harass Biden over his age, often calling him “sleepy” and “low energy” but the man ran his ass off in that parade yesterday while Donald stood on a stage at his failed 4th of July celebration turned political rally, where his own wife could barely stay away.

Someone is definitely “sleepy” here, Donnie. But it ain’t Joe.

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