US Ambassador To Singapore Threw The Perfect Shade At Trump After Getting Fired, Wore Obama Shirt

Throw your sunglasses away! We've got all your shade right here!

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Donald Trump changes up the members of his administration more than he changes his underwear. Every time you turn around he’s either canning someone for some trivial nonsense, most likely because they hurt his feelings or didn’t immediately bow to his every whim, or someone is checking out of that bullshit themselves and hoping they ducked out quickly enough that they won’t be stuck at the McDonald’s counter because no one else wants to hire them. It literally seems as though everyone in that administration has “acting” attached to their job title and several positions have actually been left unfilled altogether. It’s a shitshow of epic proportions.

Oftentimes, the terminations are pretty quiet, usually with little more than Trump having a typical little hissy fit on Twitter, which we’re all pretty much immune to by now. But sometimes we get lucky and someone makes a huge splash on their way out the door. And that’s exactly what Obama’s pick for Ambassador to Singapore, Kirk Wagar was kicked out of his office no sooner than Trump moved his golf bag into the White House.

It’s not untypical for politically appointed ambassadors to be switched out when a new administration takes office. However, Donald hates Obama so much that he booted them before he even had replacements, and gave those leaving no grace period at all — they had until noon on Inauguration Day to be out of his sight. And Wagar was sure to let Trump and all his little cronies know that he had some serious thoughts about it — by departing his position within the embassy and flying home while donning an Obama t-shirt. And we all know that nothing pisses right in Donald Trump’s Cheerios more than Barack Obama.


Something tells me this haunts Donnie in his dreams, still to this day. I can only imagine he lays awake some night and still cusses that guy from 2017 who liked Obama more better than him.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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