Trump’s Hate For Obama Reaches New Heights, Says He Trusts North Korean Dictator Over Former POTUS

This is disgusting.

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Trump departed the White House today for his Bedminster, New Jersey golf course — no doubt looking for some respite from the humiliation that was his Fourth of July disaster yesterday — but not before he took some time to chat with reporters on the South Lawn where he essentially reiterated that he has more trust in North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un than he does in former two-term president Barack Obama.

“He called Kim Jong Un on numerous occasions to meet,” Trump claimed to the press. “President Obama wanted to meet with Kim Jong Un, and Kim Jong Un said no. Numerous occasions he called.”

However, much like everything else that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth, this is a load of bull.


Several former officials of Barack Obama’s administration have come forward and disputed Donald’s false claims, including former national security adviser Susan Rice and former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes.

According to reports from CNN, Obama’s administration merely conducted a few diplomatic outreaches to North Korea in an attempt to sway Jong Un and his father to rejoin the six-country negotiations that had disintegrated — there were never any talks of any presidential summits or “dates” on the Korean border. Much less such a chummy relationship with a known dictator.

Obama, throughout his entire eight years, operated on “strategic patience,” a policy of refusing any direct engagement with the dictator or his regime so long as they behaved.

Obama, unlike Trump, had no desire to become “friends” with the likes of Kim Jong Un. He merely agreed to leave him alone, provided that he played by the rules.

And truthfully, any president worth their salt would do the same. Despite what Trump seems to believe, a borderline pornographic relationship with not one but several dictators doesn’t make him look powerful or well-liked. It makes him look weak and treasonous.

And the fact that he would disrespect a former president by taking the word of a dictator like Jong Un over that of Barack Obama, no matter how much he personally dislikes him, speaks volumes for the direction this country is headed.

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