Trump Rage Tweets About Mueller Report, Doesn’t Realize He’s Confirming His Own Guilt

He stuck his foot in it this time.

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When it comes to Twitter, Donald Trump just can’t help himself. With an unprecedented level of immaturity from a sitting US president, Trump takes to his personal social media account every day, several times a day, to either bitch and complain about something or someone — or praise himself with an air of conceit to be rivaled.

Donald has a tendency to use his Twitter account as somewhat of a sounding board, spewing out haphazard and self-centered tweets in place of professional meetings, interviews, or press conferences.

Most recently, Donald’s main Twitter focus has been the Mueller report, and he is quickly showing signs of nervousness.


Within hours of the release of Bill Barr’s summary of the report, Donald was screaming from rooftops that he’s been “exonerated” — completely disregarding the fact that both the actual Mueller report as well as Barr’s summary said that the POTUS “could not be exonerated” on charges of obstruction.

But now it seems that his haughtiness is deflating.

Millions of Americans, as well as Congress, were immediately suspicious of Attorney General Barr’s 4-page summary of Robert Mueller’s over 400-page report — knowing Barr’s history with Donald, it was easy to deduce that his account of the report had been heavily swayed. Recently, those suspicions were confirmed when several of the investigators involved in the Mueller probe came forward to blow the whistle, saying that Barr’s summary did not line up with the real report.

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump couldn’t handle that. He sent out a tweet this morning claiming that 13 members of the Mueller team were “illegally leaking information.” He then went on to condemn the “Fake News Media” for reporting on those leaks.

At first glance, this seems like your typical Trump rage tweet. But what the president failed to notice was that he basically confirmed his own guilt.

Donald attacked those the leaked information and ambushed the media, per usual — but he also inadvertently established that everything those investigators “leaked” was absolutely true. He’s not pissed and tweeting because they’re leaking false information, he is pissed because they’re leaking incriminating information — information that Donald Trump and Bill Barr had already conspired to cover up.

Now, Donald himself is left holding the smoking gun, confirming that he’s guilty as f*ck, and he’s just seething because he’s been caught.

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