Insiders From Mueller’s Team Refute Barr’s Summary, Findings Are More Damaging To Trump Than First Revealed

We knew it.

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From the moment the Mueller report dropped and Attorney General Bill Barr got his hands on it, the entire country has been nervous and concerned that Barr was going to at least attempt to sweep things under the rug — especially considering Barr’s chummy relationship with the president.

As it turns out, we were all correct. The New York Times has just reported that Barr’s summary did not adequately or properly display the true finding of the Mueller report, and it was, in fact, swayed as we all expected. Some of the investigators employed in the Russia probe conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller have told associates that the real, 400-page Mueller report is far more damaging to Donald Trump than what was portrayed in Attorney General Barr’s 4-page summary of the findings.

Member of the Mueller team are reportedly extremely concerned that because Barr was able to release such a flimsy and biased summary before the actual report was ever seen, many Americans will already have a hardened, skewed view on the matter before the real report ever makes it public — if it does at all.


As it turns out, according to investigators that had already written multiple summaries, Barr’s summary of the report barely touched on Special Counsel Mueller’s report at all. The Justice Department as well as Barr personally are working diligently to ensure that the full Mueller report is not released without heavy redactions made by the AG and the president himself.

Solidifying our suspicions as well as our worst fears — Trump is guilty as hell, but he’s going to get away with it.

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