Trump Divulged A Little Too Much About AG Barr, Makes Himself Look Incredibly Guilty

He should have kept his mouth shut!

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Donald Trump is still riding the wave of Attorney General Bill Barr’s 4-page summary of the 300+ page Mueller report — and it seems that his air of over-confidence may be encouraging him to open that big mouth a little more than he should be.

POTUS called in to Sean Hannity’s Fox News program earlier this week for a pretty lengthy interview with the host. And it seems this time that he’s traded his usual blatant dishonesty for some sincere thoughts on the Attorney General — ones that don’t paint him, the AG, or the entire Muller probe situation in a very good light.

In regards to Special Counsel Mueller’s probe, Trump raged, “There was no crime, as you know. You’re only allowed to do this legally if there is a crime. There was no crime. They’ve all admitted it. Comey, who is a terrible guy, Comey and McCabe, and Strzok and Page, the lover, Page, and all of these people, they’ve admitted in testimony that there was no crime. So they’d started an investigation based on no crime.”


“I will say this, our new attorney general, Bill Barr, is a great gentleman. I’ve heard about him for years. He’s a great man. Had he been there initially, this all would not have happened because what has gone on there is just a disgrace to our country.”

Considering most of the country as well as Congress have been seriously concerned about Bill Barr’s level of bias towards POTUS, this revelation from Donald Trump is pretty damning. We already knew that Trump pushed Barr to the top against popular opinion and we’re already well aware that Barr was against the Mueller probe from the get-go — something that Trump now seems to be hailing him for.

Donald has made it fairly clear that, in an Attorney General, he looks for someone that will work for him — not the people. After hearing him sing the praises of Barr, it’s clear that he feels this Attorney General will do just that. That completely wipes out any faith we may have had in Barr’s summary.

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