Trump-Loving Restaurant Offers Customers Free Sides If They Chant “Send Her Back”

Just when you thought they couldn't get any worse.

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get much worse, some red-hat MAGA supporter says “hold my beer.”

Donald Trump has been inciting hate, even more so than usual, for weeks now after he ignited a racism-fueled war with four Congresswomen of color on Twitter, attacking them with the OG racist insult, “Go back where you came from.”

Since his original tweet, which Congress actually held a vote over and publically labeled as racist, Donald has repeatedly doubled down on his hateful rhetoric — never missing an opportunity during speeches or press gaggles to reiterate his “just leave” mantra in reference to anyone that doesn’t like the way he’s running our country into the ground.


Thanks to his most recent blatant display of racism for all the public to see, his supporters have seemed to gain newfound confidence in displaying their hateful, racist ways as well.

One California deli owner and staunch Trump supporter has found himself in some well-deserved hot water after he attempted to run his business based on Trump’s hateful way of life — offering a free side to any customer that declared “send her back.”

John Canesa, owner of Canesa’s Brooklyn Heros in Clayton, California recently took to his Facebook page with the message:

“Meatballs made with beef today incase [sic] we offend any of our overly sensitive pork haters!! Free side when you say send her back! #canesasbrooklynheroes.”

Not only did the post harp on Donald’s newest racist mantra, “send her back,” but it also took a low-blow swipe at Muslims in general with his hateful quip about pork, as Muslim religion generally disallows the consumption of the meat.

While Canesa’s Facebook post has since been deleted or his page set to private, Clayton’s foreign-born mayor, Tuija Catalano still had plenty to say about the disgusting move by the California business owner.

“I am very saddened to have seen a Facebook post by the owner of local deli this morning. We all have rights to our own political, religious, and other opinions. We all have a right to post about them too,” Catalano stated. “However, there is no place in our community for hatred and bigotry. When hateful comments are being promoted as part of a local business, they reflect on our community’s reputation.”

“As an elected official, who is also a woman and foreign-born, I personally find a comment about sending anyone back over their political opinions unacceptable,” she continued.

This is just further proof that Donald Trump is intentionally firing up his base with their racism and hatred in an attempt to nab another four years — and it’s absolutely gut-wrenching.

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