Trump Just Contradicted National Weather Service After They Corrected Him For Giving Wrong Information Regarding Hurricane Dorian

He is not happy!

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In all honesty, Donald Trump really should not have skipped out on that weekend with experts at Camp David regarding Hurricane Dorian that’s already devastated the Bahamas and is about to wreak havoc on the country’s southeastern coast — because he’s talking out of his ass once again.

Yesterday, upon returning from his golf trip that was supposed to have been a convening of experts regarding Dorian’s impending landfall, Trump sat down for a meeting with FEMA administrators to discuss preparations being made for the catastrophic storm after Donald cut funding to the organization and rerouted it to his border wall.

During the meeting, Donald said plenty of ridiculous shit — including claiming that he’s never heard of a category five hurricane despite the fact that Dorian will be the fourth one of his presidency.


But there was one ridiculous claim that caught the eye of one of Trump’s own departments, the National Weather Service.

During the meeting with FEMA, Trump issued a warning to the state of Alabama. However, Alabama isn’t in the path of Hurricane Dorian. So, he essentially just spooked a bunch of people into thinking they were about to be smacked with a storm that they hadn’t prepared for.

As a result, the National Weather Service in Birmingham was forced to clean up Trump’s mess by issuing a statement making it clear that Alabama was safe from the storm as the system was remaining too far east to impact them.

Evidently, as with any person or entity that dares to challenge Trump, Donnie got big mad.

And, per the usual, he had to take to Twitter to let everyone know about it in a barely coherent, shitpost tweet:

Go ahead and revel in the ridiculous grammatical errors and the fact that he literally said Alabama could experience some “hurt.”

Just when you think his stupidity has finally peaked, he always pulls through with something even more ridiculous.

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