Trump Just Congratulated Poland On The 80th Anniversary Of Nazi Invasion

Congratulations?! Seriously?!

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Trump’s mental health has been a cause of concern since the very moment that Russia catapulted his undeserving, cheating ass into the Oval Office. But recently, it’s really getting a whole lot worse. The man literally doesn’t have a single clue what he’s talking about the majority of the time, but his ego and arrogance just won’t allow him to keep his damn mouth shut. So ultimately, he ends up spouting off about shit under the guise of education and knowledge – when in actuality, he’s just making himself look that much more idiotic.

Oh, and he’s extremely racist to boot.

Both of those points bring us to what happened yesterday.


Upon returning to the White House from what was supposed to have been a weekend of convening with experts over Hurricane Dorian’s impending landfall in the US, but was actually just yet another weekend full of golf at one of his own resorts, Trump stopped to speak with reporters.

Since he canceled his scheduled trip to Poland to commemorate the 80th anniversary of WWII, reporters naturally questioned him on the matter, asking the president if he had a message for the country of Poland in relation to the anniversary.

And he had a message alright.

“I do have a great message for Poland,” Trump replied. “and we have Mike Pence, our vice president, is just about landing right now… I just want to congratulate Poland.”

And there it is, folks. Trump’s stupidity, on display for all of the world to see.

Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany in 1939. So, either Trump doesn’t know that fact or he’s just happy that the country was overrun by people just like him 80 years ago. Both of those options are honestly pretty valid for the guy.

Either way, Twitter, of course, had plenty to say about it:

Seriously, if he were anyone else his family would’ve taken his car keys and put him in a home by now.

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