Trump Makes Proclamation That Sounds Like A King Who Thinks He Just Invented Labor Day

The madness of King Donald.

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America learned early on in the Trump presidency that there is a kind of code to the way he speaks. If he says “People are now talking about ______,” it means he just found out about it. If he says “Everyone knows that ______,” it means it’s a thing he desperately wants you to believe. And when Donald Trump says “Nobody knew about this before,” it means HE didn’t know about it, and that last one there is definitely his most often used of the three because he’s literally always finding out things he didn’t know, because he really didn’t know much before he was President and still doesn’t.

That’s why it really wasn’t a huge surprise to me that Trump’s Labor Day proclamation — something every President does with every federal holiday — sounded a lot like he thought he was finally officially proclaiming it a holiday. I reckon that, just like he thinks the Constitution the authority to essentially do whatever he wants, he also believes that anything that sounds like he’s making a law means he just made that law all by himself for the first time in history.


From the text of the proclamation that he linked to in that tweet:

That’s… that’s more than a little bit creepy, in terms of self-importance. I mean, you can read the rest of the proclamation too if you like, but let me tell you: It’s a bunch of stuff about how awesome his administration has been, how great he’s been for jobs and trade, and just generally how great Donald J. Trump is.

Now just try and imagine him closing a proclamation about how phenomenal a force of nature he is with the above statement and him NOT thinking that he invented Labor Day. You can’t do it, because you know he thinks he did.

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