Trump Just Said During Press Conference That He’s Never Heard Of A Category 5 Hurricane

Something is seriously wrong with him!

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After spending the majority of the weekend kicking it at his golf course in Sterling, VA instead of meeting with professionals and experts at Camp David in regards to the category five hurricane which is headed towards the southeastern coast of our nation, Trump finally met with FEMA administrators to discuss what preparations they’re making for the catastrophic storm.

During the meeting Trump did what Trump always does — effectively reminded the entire nation of what a complete and blazing idiot he truly is.

According to the president of the United States, he’s not sure that he’s ever even heard of a category five hurricane — despite the fact that three other hurricanes have reached category five level and hit the United States since he took office in 2017.


MSNBC’s Ali Velshi reported on Twitter that Trump stated during the FEMA meeting, “I’m not sure that I have ever even heard of a Category 5. I knew it existed and I’ve seen some Category 4…I don’t know that I’ve even heard the term other than I know it’s there.”

Now, you would think that Donnie would be able to recall at least one of the category five hurricanes to sweep through American territories, considering he tossed paper towels to a crowd of devastated Puerto Rican citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria — but then again, Donald has never really considered Puerto Ricans as American citizens. So, perhaps that’s why that particular tragedy didn’t stick in his memory.

However, that doesn’t really explain his ability to somehow forget both hurricane Irma and hurricane Michael that also struck the US as category five storms during his presidency.

But, considering how weak and sickly Trump looked during the meeting, we’re going to go ahead and assume that this probably has something to do with that dementia that’s setting in.

Honestly, if you can’t remember something as catastrophic as a hurricane, you really probably shouldn’t be the one with access to the big, red button.

You can watch the clip of Trump’s FEMA meeting here:

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