Trump Claimed Doctors Left The Operating Room To Greet Him While In El Paso, Hospital Responds

I would be appalled, but I can't even muster 'surprised' anymore.

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Recently Donald Trump utilized the tragic shootings that swept through our nation — and left more than thirty people dead and dozens more injured — as no more than a 2020 reelection campaign PR stunt.

It literally took him hours to respond to the shootings on his Twitter account, despite the fact that we all know his smartphone was in his hand the whole damn time, and then it took him literal days to make a visit to the affected areas. And when he did finally show up, pretty much no one wanted anything to with him.

According to Trump, the response to his presence was overwhelming, but unsurprisingly multiple reports of victims refusing to even see the president quickly disputed those claims. In fact, the only victim of the tragedy to meet with Donald and Melania was a defenseless baby who had just lost both of his parents to the gunman and was brought back inside the hospital after being discharged for the sole purpose of a photoshoot with POTUS.


And now, yet another big, fat Trump lie surrounding the tragedies and his actions thereafter has been publicly busted.

While speaking with reporters on the White House lawn yesterday, Trump doubled down on his claims of being revered and beloved when visiting the victims of the mass shootings.

“Not only did they meet with me, they were pouring out of the room. The doctors were coming out of the operating rooms. There were hundreds and hundreds of people all over the floor. You couldn’t even walk on it. So, you know, there’s a lot to happen,” he stated.

Up until this point, the hospitals that Donald had visited during his trips had mostly kept quiet. But after Trump claimed that surgeons were actually leaving their positions in operating rooms just to meet with him, they didn’t have much of a choice.

UMC spokesman Ryan Mielke told ABC-7, “At no time did, or would, physicians or staff leave active operating rooms during the presidential visit. Our priority is always patient care.”

That probably explains why suspicions have swirled about Trump hiring actors to play hospital staff for photographs.

You can read the full report from ABC-7 here.

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