Trump Appears To Get Caught On Video Cheating At Golf, Twitter Reacts: “He Cheats At Everything”

I mean, who's going to stop him?

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What is Trump’s most favorite thing to do outside of a Twitter tantrum befitting a 2-year-old? Why, it’s golf, of course!

Donnie sure does love to play him some golf. It doesn’t matter than he spent eight full years criticizing President Obama for the occasional afternoon on the links. Nor does it matter that, during his campaigning days, he swore that he’d never have time to play the sport — yet here we are almost three years into his presidency and he’s on his 213th day of golf.

But the worst part about it all (for him, of course — it’s hilarious for all the rest of us) is the fact that he’s really not very good at it. Like, at all.


The old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” Yet, with all the practice that Donald gets, and God knows he gets plenty, he still manages to really, really suck at it.

So how does he get around the fact that he’s terrible at his favorite game? Well, he takes the same approach to it as he did the election, his marriages, and pretty much everything else in his miserable life — he cheats.

Now, Trump was supposed to have spent this past weekend convening with experts at Camp David over Hurricane Dorian’s impending landfall in the southeastern US. But the only convening he wound up doing was with his golf caddy at his Sterling, VA resort.

It’s bad enough that he was indulging in some golfing and rage tweeting while a portion of our country was in a panic trying to prepare for a category five hurricane — which Trump evidently didn’t even know existed. But to make matter that much worse, the dimwit was caught cheating on his little excursion.

In video footage of Trump on his golf course captured by a CNN camera, you can see the president pick his ball up that landed in the rough and place it outside of the rough before taking another swing at it.

Now I’m no golf aficionado, but I’m hearing from reliable sources that that’s a no-no in the golf world.

And as such, Twitter had plenty to say about it:

I mean, I hate his golfing habits as much as the next guy. But frankly, I have to agree with this Twitter user on this one:

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