Nancy Pelosi Responds To Kellyanne Conway’s Criticism Of Her Regarding Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry

Does Kellyanne have a safe space she can go to after that?

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It’s no surprise that Trump supporters everywhere are doing the thing that Trump and his supporters always do when Trump is in a pretty big pickle — attacking the living hell out of everyone involved.

And considering he’s finally found himself on the fast track to impeachment (exceptionally fast actually, if Rep. Adam Schiff has anything to say about it) after he made a little phone call to Ukraine trying to extort them for dirt on Joe Biden, the Trump sycophants are coming out with their torches and pitchforks in full force against those that had anything to do with their beloved leader ending up on the chopping block — namely House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Lately ol’ Kellyanne Conway hasn’t had a whole lot of fuckery to say — which is unusual for her, to say the least.


But she simply couldn’t miss the opportunity to weigh in on Madame Speaker’s decision to open a formal impeachment inquiry into her boss. And boy, did she make up for lost time with her bullshit.

During a gaggle with reporters yesterday, Conway, of course, spoke on Pelosi’s impeachment proceedings decision and in the process of her lunatic rant attempted to claim that the only reason Nancy made such a decision is that she’s intimidated by men.

I’m going to give you a moment to contain your fits of laughter here before I point out what you already know — Nancy Pelosi isn’t intimidated by a damn person. Not Adam Schiff. Not men in general. And certainly not Kellyanne Fucking Conway.

And in case you still had doubt about that fact left in your mind, Nancy’s response to Conway’s criticism of her ought to clear that right up.

When asked in an interview on Morning Joe this morning about Conway’s comments, Pelosi gave a short but stinging response, “Why would I have to comment on something she said?”

So, Kellyanne won’t have to go to bed wondering what Nancy thinks of her tonight. She made that pretty damn clear.

You can watch the clip here:

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