Adam Schiff Just Made Friday Evening Impeachment Announcement, Sends Clear Message To The Nation

Schiff isn't wasting a second!

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Per an announcement from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump is now the subject of a formal impeachment inquiry as a result of a White House whistleblower’s complaint alleging that Trump was involved in a very shady phone call with a foreign leader.

We’ve now determined that the foreign leader in question was Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and we’ve also determined, thanks in part to a transcript of the call released by Trump himself under the assumption that it would help not hurt him, that Donald’s conversation with the Ukranian president essentially boiled down to attempted extortion of Zelensky by withholding military funding and aid unless he agreed to dig up dirt on Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

While Nancy herself is certainly geared up for the fight with the best of them (finally) it’s pretty safe to say that the one really, truly steamrolling the effort to be rid of Donald Trump before Christmas rolls around is none other than Representative Adam Schiff.


Schiff has made his feelings for Donald Trump well known since the very beginning of this shitshow, which has, of course, resulted in a serious distaste for the California lawmaker in Trump.

Now that impeachment proceedings are legitimately taking place, Donald’s disdain for the man has only strengthened — with Trump ultimately taking to his Twitter account to demand Schiff’s resignation because that’s exactly what he does every time he doesn’t like someone.

But this is not The Apprentice and “YOU’RE FIRED!” gets you nowhere in Congress.

And Schiff is making damn sure that Donnie knows that by doing his best to ensure that your Christmas dinner comes with a heaping helping of a different president.

According to a tweet from NPR Politics, the House Intelligence Committee chairman is sending Donald a very clear message by moving at a rocket’s pace regarding these impeachment proceedings.

“House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff announced that his panel is moving forward with its impeachment inquiry and will hold a closed briefing with the Inspector General of the intelligence community next Friday, October 4,” NPR’s tweet read.

Folks, that’s next week.

So, if you found yourself worrying that we’d be impeaching Donald Trump about the time his second term was up, you can take a big, deep breath of relief now. If Adam Schiff has anything to do with it, we won’t have to worry about Trump 2020 because he’s not even going to see the rest of 2019.

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