Trump’s Special Envoy To Ukraine Suddenly Resigns Amid Whistleblower Scandal

Just how many people were in on this?!

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There is honestly absolutely no telling who all within the Trump administration is tangled up in Donald’s scandal with the Ukranian government, in which he attempted to extort the country into giving him dirt on the former vice president and Democratic candidate Joe Biden by withholding military funding and aid.

Speculations began to swirl surrounding the involvement of current Vice President Mike Pence pretty much immediately — and thanks to Donald’s big mouth and unwillingness to go down alone, we now know that to be true after Trump himself implicated Pence in a public press conference where he told the Democrats to subpoena his records with the country as well.

We’re also well aware of the fact that Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Guiliani and Attorney General (who may as well also be Trump’s personal attorney) Bill Barr had more than a small part in the debacle themselves.


But after an explosive new report from the New York Times, it seems that Trump’s ever-dwindling circle of cronies aren’t the only ones that had a little something to do with the shady Ukraine ordeal.

The Times has now reported that Kurt Volker, a special envoy to Ukraine in Trump’s State Department has now penned a rather sudden resignation in the wake of the Whistleblower Scandal.

The resignation of Volker, who has always been a respected member of the diplomatic community, comes on the heels of a barrage of questions about his involvement in the scandal after it was revealed by Guiliani himself that the Ukranian envoy got in touch with him personally to set up the call that started this whole mess.

If we’re lucky, it looks like Trump’s entire administration could be wiped clean after the dust settles from this mess.

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