Trump’s Mental Health Is Called Into Question After Photo Of Him Makes The Rounds On Social Media

He looks horrible!

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Trump has long touted the idea that he is a young, strong, healthy man beaming with vitality and vigor. It’s another one of those instances that Trump so often finds himself in, where he feels the need to constantly hammer an idea into the public mind in an attempt to make it true. But he doesn’t seem to realize that things like his health and vitality or even his honesty shouldn’t be something that he has to convince you of — his behaviors and actions should reflect those things. He seriously lessens the legitimacy of his claims with each and every time he attempts to defend himself in such a manner.

But regardless of the lies and falsehoods that he’s constantly perpetuating when it comes to his health and well-being, photographic evidence does not lie. Over the last couple of years, Donald has been captured in less than flattering positions more than once, and each and every time the public is forced to worry about both his physical and mental health — not that we particularly care if he’s feeling bad, but the fact that he’s running our country is cause for great concern.

That is exactly what has happened again as another photo of Donald makes its rounds on social media, depicting just how frail he truly is.


Now we certainly don’t condone body shaming anyone. But this photo just goes to show how truly unhealthy Donald Trump really is. He is swollen, blotchy, and wrinkled and seems to be quickly packing on the pounds.

Of course, this is likely due to the constant intake of fast food and overly rich, fatty foods, in combination with the fact that he is extremely lazy.

And if his first glance physical appearance wasn’t enough, the man looks almost crazed. His pupils are dilated, his brow furrowed, and God only knows what nonsense he is spouting off about — lending us further proof that the man is suffering from the beginning stages of Dementia.

While it’s entertaining enough to shit talk the man that is running our country, we must not forget that he is running our country. Those closest to him have a responsibility to this country to ensure that the man running it doesn’t lose his marbles and take us all down with him. We can only expect it to get so much worse in the wake of his impeachment proceedings.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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