Twitter Algorithm Is Suggesting Users Follow Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton When Viewing Trump’s Tweets

Oh, snap. Donnie's gonna be mad about this!

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It should come as no surprise to you that Donald’s Trump’s Twitter thumbs are still burning up that screen of his iPhone this morning. We all knew the moment House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made her formal impeachment inquiry announcement this past Wednesday that Donald’s Twitter feed would quickly go from bad to worse. And it got a lot worse.

Trump has been sending out typo-filled, hairbrained, half-baked tweets in rapid-fire succession starting the very moment that Madame Speaker made it clear to him, American citizens, and the world, that Donald J. Trump is not above the law, despite what he likes to believe.

As of this fine Saturday morning, three days later, Donald is still going strong on his social media account. It seems as though he just can’t stop thinking about it — sending a string of ridiculous tweets starting fairly early this morning, beginning with an attack against Democrats and former President Barack Obama and ended with a series of all-caps screeches about “presidential harassment” and making “America great again.”


It’s pretty safe to say that the man has officially lost all of his marbles and is now tripping all over them.

But thanks to one Twitter user, we now know that Trump’s typical display of mania, paranoia, and psychosis isn’t even the funniest part this morning.

If you use Twitter much at all, you know that the social media platform tends to suggest various other people you should follow when you view a tweet.

We have no way of knowing just exactly how the social media platform’s algorithm determines who it will suggest on individual tweets. However, after seeing a screenshot from Twitter user La-La-La-Lola, it looks like the platform may be getting in a little dig at the president who’s been so critical of them in the past — because under Donald’s tweet were follow suggestions for none other than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Maybe it’s just a fluke. Maybe it’s Twitter finally subtly getting a dig in at Donald. Or maybe it’s just the universe smiling down on us all this morning. But whatever it is, that shit is hilarious.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery

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