Hours After Trump Blasted Mueller Report, White House Contradicts POTUS On Report

No one can get their stories straight.

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The White House is doubling down on their opinion of “complete and total exoneration” of the president by the Mueller report despite the fact that Donald’s behavior as of late is increasingly contradictory to that statement — leaving both the White House and the president at odds and looking like an ass.

While Trump has certainly harped about “total exoneration” since the moment Attorney General Bill Barr released his statement nearly a month ago, it seems that POTUS’s confidence is slowly slipping away. Despite the words from the White House and Trump’s own personal statements regarding the subject, Donald has spent the last several days effectively freaking the f*ck out over the Mueller report.

Trump went to some pretty serious extremes on Friday when he tweeted that the “Crazy Mueller Report” was packed with “total bullshit” statements about him. “This was an Illegally Started Hoax that never should have happened,” his tweet read. So then, none of it is true?


It seems that Donald is tripping out, and rightly so, considering that even the heavily redacted version of Special Counsel Mueller’s report describes in striking details the attempts by Russians to sway the 2016 election in Trump’s favor as well as lined out several different instances of obstruction of justice by the president.

Nevertheless, Trump’s deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley pushed the “total exoneration” narrative just hours later in a move that’s quite the opposite of Trump’s current behavior and statements — attempting to paint the report as a complete and total win for the president.

“They’ve seen all the information,” Hogan began. “They did not have anything to get him on, as it relates to collusion. They did not have anything to get him on in as it relates to obstruction. The fact is, it is a complete and total exoneration. And that’s what we are excited about today. Not just for the administration or this president, for the American people.”

The entire American public and it seems Trump now as well, know that Gidley’s statement is, to borrow the president’s terminology, “total bullshit.” The Mueller report expressly states that POTUS could not be exonerated on obstruction charges. The only reason that Trump is still sitting pretty so far is that Bill Barr is absolutely demolishing himself to do so. However, it’s quickly falling apart right before Donald’s eyes.

There’s only so much White House staff can do. This is going to blow up — and soon.

You can watch Gidley’s statement here:

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