DOJ Tries To Hide Mueller Report On Their Website, Displays Barr’s Biased Summary On Main Page

They DO NOT want you reading that report.

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Take just one look at the Department of Justice’s official website and you’ll immediately see their blatant favoritism to the president and Attorney General Bill Bar — but what you won’t easily find is a copy of the redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation report.

Yes, you can find a copy to scroll through if you look through your Twitter feed or even a Google search. But the DOJ isn’t going to any extremes to make that any easier for you, despite the fact that the Mueller report is the most important and prominent thing they’ve got going on right now — you’d think it’d be front and center.

But instead, the DOJ is doing what they do best these days, promoting the Trump/Barr narrative. On the front and center of the Department of Justice homepage, you’ll find a link to Attorney General Bill Barr’s premeditated remarks on the Mueller report that he made at a press conference before its release, as well as a link to video footage of Barr delivering his discourse.


To get to the actual Mueller report (which let’s be honest, is what everyone is looking for these last few days) you have to navigate through the website a lot further to the section specifically for the special counsel. However, in an especially shady move, the DOJ has made that section exceptionally difficult to find. The main page features no mention of the section, no links, and special counsel section does not show up on the website’s organizational chart.

The only way to find it is by typing “special counsel” into the search bar — something that many wouldn’t necessarily think to do.

Inquiries have been made to the DOJ’s webmaster which produced this reply:

Thank you for your email to the U.S. Department of Justice Webmaster. The Report is posted at and linked from the Special Counsel’s web site at”

DOJ Public Affairs Specialist Peter Carr reiterated this statement when questioned and did not answer concerns about whether a link to the report will be made more prominent in the future or why it was buried to start with.

People will get their hands on that report no matter what. All the DOJ’s doing now is making themselves look shady as hell.

To avoid all the trouble, you can read the report here.

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