French Ambassador Praises Obama, Denounces Trump In Exit Interview; POTUS Will Lose His Mind

Uh oh. Trump will be big mad about this.

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The U.S Ambassador to France, Gérard Araud, left his post yesterday. Upon his exit, he held nothing back in regard to his feelings on both President Trump as well as former President Barack Obama — and let’s just say that Trump isn’t going to be pleased with what the now former ambassador had to say.

In a no-holds-barred exit interview with the Foreign Policy news website, Araud described the current and former president in detail.

Speaking of Trump’s forerunner Obama, Araud referred to Barack as the “ultimate bureaucrat, an introvert, basically a bit aloof, a restrained president.”


He claimed that Obama was “a bit arrogant” but “basically somebody who every night was going to bed with 60-page briefings and the next day they were sent back annotated by the president” — indicating that he was a hard-working president that took his position very seriously.

However, when his interview turned to speak on current president Donald Trump, Araud’s words were far less flattering. He referred to current POTUS as “an extrovert, really a big mouth, who reads basically nothing or nearly nothing, with the interagency process totally broken and decisions taken from the hip basically.”

Araud went on to explain why he’d prefer that his successor be somebody who “doesn’t have heart problems” if they expect to be able to handle the Trump administration.

He also criticized Donald Trump’s immature Twitter habits, saying that when confronted by the French president Emmanuel Macron about the president’s behavior on social media he told him, “Do nothing because he will always outbid you. Because he can’t accept appearing to lose. You have restraint on your side, and he has no restraint on his side, so you lose. It is escalation dominance.”

Araud made it very clear where his feelings lie regarding the administrations that he has worked under and was sure to leave absolutely no doubt that Obama was a respectable, hard-working man while Trump is little more than a petulant child.

You can read Araud’s full exit interview here.

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