Former Intelligence Official Warns Americans: “The President Of Ukraine Now Owns Our President”

Will they be sharing custody with Russia?

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Donald Trump’s whistleblower scandal continues to rage through the media after one official insider revealed earlier this week that Trump was involved in some extremely shady dealings with a foreign leader — which we’ve now all but confirmed as the president of Ukraine.

Trump’s own personal lawyer Rudy Guiliani essentially verified this for us all when he opened his big mouth during a segment with CNN’s Chris Cuomo and admitted, after spending several minutes immediately beforehand vehemently denying, that he did, in fact, request that the government of Ukraine investigates former Vice President and 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden as well as Biden’s son and his past dealings in the country.

Given that Donald is absolutely petrified of Biden regarding the 2020 election season — and rightly so as Joe continues to crush him in poll after poll — plain ol’ common sense says that Guiliani’s confession and Trump’s subsequent minimization of his conversations with Ukraine’s president are proof that this situation is precisely what the whistleblower was so worried about.


Now former intelligence official Frank Figliuzzi is warning the American public of just exactly what this means.

During a segment with MSNBC, Figliuzzi breaks down the illegality of what Trump has done and explains that “the president of Ukraine now owns Donald Trump.”

“I look at this through two lenses,” the FBI former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence began, when questioned about the whistleblower scandal. “One is through the criminal federal laws that we might be looking at here, that are in play. And the second is through the counterintelligence lens. So let’s quickly look at both.”

“The conduct that’s alleged against the president squarely fits a very popular, very highly-used federal corruption statute that basically says this: If you’re a public official and you’re seeking something of value in return for a promise of an official act by you, you violated the law,” Figliuzzi explained before he went on to clarify that Trump is breaking this particular law by seeking information against Biden and his son for political gain and offering military aid in exchange.

Frank also pointed out that the agreement didn’t have to be a “direct, cited quid-pro-quo” to be in violation of federal law, “It could be implied by Trump and inferred by Ukraine.”

He then dove into the counterintelligence issues that would also come to light as a result of Trump’s making illegal deals with Ukraine.

“When you seek that kind of personal favor from a foreign leader, you are essentially handing him a means to compromise you,” Figliuzzi explained before pointing out that despite who was present during Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president there is one person that knows exactly what took place and what was said — and that’s the Ukrainian president himself.

“At any time now the president of Ukraine, because he now owns our president, can come out and give us the dirt, the details, the skinny on a law that the president may have violated. That’s precisely why you can’t do this kind of thing with a foreign leader.”

It’s beginning to seem that Donald Trump quite literally works for everyone BUT the United States.

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