White House Staff Has Major Surprise Waiting For Them On Their Way Into Work This Morning, This Will Ruin Their Day (IMAGE)

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Donald Trump and his staff are having a bad day — probably the worst in Trump’s presidency so far. After the midterm election results announced that the Democrats had taken the majority in the House of Representatives, everyone in the Trump administration is nervous about what’s going to come next — and much of America is more than happy to help give them an anxiety attack.

While Trump and his administration have plummeted the country into chaos on a daily basis and made several of us feel constantly on edge and on the verge of a panic attack with every new tweet, America is dishing it back now that we have some leverage. One man in particular brought this cause right back to the White House, which Huffington Post reporter Igor Bobic brought attention to on Twitter. Posting a photo of a fed up constituent holding a sign in front of the White House that says, “It is Mueller Time,” this brave citizen is making sure that Trump and his team know their days are limited. Here’s the photo:


Trump and his minions were already going to have a terrible day thanks to the midterm results, but this has definitely made it far worse. We would have loved to see the looks on their faces as they arrived for what was going to already be a depressing workday — especially since Trump is probably in an even worse mood thanks to this sign. Unfortunately for Trump and his team, they’re only going to see more of these demonstrations, because this moment is what many Americans have been waiting two years for. Trump is about to get a big reality check — and we can’t wait for it to happen.

Featured image via Whitehouse.gov

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