MSNBC Reports Major Trump Administration Shakeup After Midterms, This Is Absolute Chaos

This could change everything about Trump's future.

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Donald Trump and his administration are in a bad way after midterm results announced that the Democrats had taken majority in the House of Representatives. Donald Trump is clearly panicking (just take a look at his Twitter feed today) and his team is terrified for what is going to come next as the president becomes even more unhinged.

According to MSNBC, the future of the Trump administration isn’t going to be pretty. Following these devastating midterm results, Trump is going to be desperate to save his own a*s, and reporter Andrea Mitchell stated that Trump’s mental instability is likely going to result in a huge shakeup in his cabinet soon as he tries to maintain some level of control. This could mean that Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has been on and off the chopping block, could be getting fired — if he doesn’t quit before then.

On MSNBC this morning, Donny Deutsch and co-host Joe Scarborough were talking about how Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation would soon topple “one domino after another domino after another domino.” But Mitchell jumped into the discussion to remind them that as with anything with Trump, it might not be so easy. Mitchell warned about changes in the Trump administration that America would be seeing much sooner:


But first you’re going to see turmoil because you’re going to see Sessions resigning, maybe as soon as today, tomorrow, this week before he’s fired. You’re going to see a complete shakeup in the cabinet.”

You can watch Mitchell drop this shocking prediction below:

Sessions has had a tense relationship with Trump for a long time, and no one would be surprised if he decided to leave. As with anything in the Trump administration, we can expect to see complete chaos and dysfunction as Trump makes yet another pathetic attempt to avoid his inevitable demise.

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