Trump Endorsed 55 Candidates For Midterm Elections, Here’s How Many Actually Won

This is a real heartbreaker for people who hate facts.

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I know that a lot of people were primarily concerned with the candidates in their own backyards on Election Night, or with what happened in the House as a whole, or whether Democrats actually ever stood a chance of winning the Senate, and those are all valid things to be thinking about as we transition into a new Congressional makeup.

After all, no matter how many times you say it, people tend to forget that seats in the House are always up for grabs every single election — all 435 of them. Many of the Senate seats that Democrats were still holding in Trump states were won before he ever came along, since those terms are for six years. People who write political news (like yours truly) can’t help but know this stuff in advance, though, and so I was actually pleasantly surprised at how few Senate seats the Democrats did lose.

All in all it was a good night for Democrats, despite the emerging narrative that there somehow wasn’t the “blue wave” that was hyped, perhaps because some of the more famous candidates didn’t win their races — Beto, Andrew Gillum, Stacey Abrams. But look at how close they came! I personally think Gillum should withdraw his concession and ask for a recount, Beto did exceedingly well in one of the reddest states in the nation, and Abrams was very, very obviously the victim of serious election tampering by the corrupt governor-elect, Brian Kemp.


So what WAS I excited about? I like metrics. I like seeing how many women, or veterans, or members of the LGBTQ community are elected, and just across the board those groups did phenomenal in the midterms. But the other metric I was most curious about definitely did not fare as well: Republicans publicly endorsed by Donald Trump.

I write about 26 hours a day, and edit the other 10 hours, so there just wasn’t much chance of a side project of me tracking the winners and losers. But almost first thing this morning, I stumbled across a tweet thread that did exactly that for me (and you), and It. Is. GLORIOUS.

If you’re adding those up in your head, it’s 55, so you can just move on to the good stuff. You can pull up that tweet and read the entire thread, but let me just break it down for you with some highlights, because Ally did a little color commentary for almost everyone:

The list goes on and on, and in the end, only 45 percent of the candidates that Trump publicly backed actually won their respective races. Which is funny, because he thinks something else entirely happened on Election Night:

Not so much, Mr. Trump.

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