White House Aides Terrified Of What Trump Will Do When He Finds Out What They Told Mueller: He’ll “Go Bonkers”

This is scary.

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Donald Trump was quick to scream “EXONERATED” after Attorney General Bill Barr’s 4-page summary of the Mueller report was released. However, as more and more information comes to light and Congress continues to turn up the heat when it comes to gaining access to the full report, it seems that Trump may be losing his steam.

His twitter feed alone proves that POTUS is slowly unraveling, becoming increasingly paranoid that he won’t be exonerated after all. He even slipped this morning and sent out a tweet condemning investigators that leaked information that was contradictory to Barr’s summary — he didn’t claim that the leaks were untrue, he was just angry that the information was made public. So, it certainly appears that he’s losing his grip on what he believed would be the cover-up of the century.

All of that in combination with Donald’s quickly declining health makes for a pretty scary situation and his subordinates are beginning to fear for their livelihoods.


CNN reported that White House aides who assisted in the Mueller Russia investigation are now quite fearful of retaliation they may experience if or when Trump finds out what they said about him to investigators.

One GOP sources said that fear is “very high” concerning records of their conversations with investigators reaching the hands of the president. Adding, “They cooperated and had to tell the truth. He is going to go bonkers.”

Trump has personally said that he has not yet seen the Mueller report, despite the fact that he has “every right to do so.” However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Donald is scared shitless — indicating that he did something wrong and is desperate to keep it hidden in an attempt to protect his political agenda as well as his criminal record.

Because of this, he is doubling down his attacks on everyone from the media to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, tweeting just yesterday, “So, let’s get this straight! There was No Collusion and in fact the Phony Dossier was a Con Job that was paid for by Crooked Hillary and the DNC. So the 13 Angry Democrats were investigating an event that never happened and that was in fact a made up Fraud.”

We can only hope that the lives of those that cooperated are spared when Donald finally loses it.

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