Nancy Pelosi Just Outdid Trump In The Best Way, POTUS Is About To Lose It

This is going to tear Trump apart!

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Donald Trump can’t stand a lot of things, but one thing that really gets under his skin more than anything else is seeing his “enemies” succeed. Whenever powerful people who resist him get honored or awarded, it triggers the president’s own inadequacy and reminds him that no one likes him and that he will never receive awards of similar caliber.

Recently, one of the people that poses the biggest threat to Trump — Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi — received one of the most prestigious honors in politics: The John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. We ALL know there is no way in hell Trump is ever going to be a recipient of that award.

In the official announcement, Pelosi was being given the honor “in recognition of her efforts to pass the Affordable Care Act and restore Democrats’ majority in the US House of Representatives during the 2018 elections.” She will receive her award at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Dorchester, Massachusetts as part of a ceremony. In a statement, Caroline Kennedy had this to say about Pelosi:


Leads with strength, integrity and grace under pressure — using her power to protect the most vulnerable of our citizens. She is the most important woman in American political history and is a true Profile in Courage.”

Pelosi has already responded to the honor in a powerful statement that just might give this country some hope while we pray for the end of Trump’s presidency. She recalled President Kennedy’s inaugural speech and his words as she said:

It is inspiring that the award itself is a lantern, a manifestation of that light. That energy, faith and fire have inspired my work in the Congress and as Speaker, and it is my hope that my receiving this award will encourage others to pursue public service, and lead with courage, conviction and conscience.”

Former recipients of this award include Barack Obama and Representative John Lewis — two people who are also major threats to Trump! This is going to drive Trump nuts — it’s one thing to have Pelosi working against him, but it’s another to have her getting awards for it.

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